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  • Electrical System
  • How many amps of electric hookup does the RV required?

    The Tuscany is equipped with an electronic control system and can use 30 amp but  50 amp is recommended for shore power services. If 30 amp service only available the electronic control will only allow electrical load leveling for 30 amps maximum use. The electronic control simply will not let 2 heat pumps, electric water heater and convection oven all used at the same time.  The operator can setup the controller for the desire equipment use in priority.

  • What electrical system protects the generator from feedback to shore power?

    The Tuscany is supplied with a automatic transfer switch with a controlled contact relay system for each leg of power and a circuit board that can detect the default source power. Essentially when one contact relay opens it closes the contacts for the other source of power.

  • How do the house or coach batteries stay charged?

    The Tuscany is equipped with a magnum energy ME series Modified Sine Wave 2000watt Inverter/converter Charger system in the rear passenger external side panel. There is a note on the image page not to store flammable liquids inside that panel. The inverter/charger is controlled by a 'Inteli Power 9200' computer located in a panel above the passenger seat. Image of control panel on Images page 'Interior Front' last image. Back to the answer, if there is electric shore power or generator power available, the computer reads the battery charge on both the house battery and engine or coach batteries and charges as necessary.

  • Power Plant
  • What Engine does the Coach have?

    The Diesel Engine in the Tuscany is a Cummins 380 HP at 2000 RPM ISC8.3

  • What type of Transmission does the Coach have?

    The Tuscany is equipped with the Allison 3000 MH Automatic Transmission. It is controlled on the left side of the drive dashboard below the air brake system. It provides six forward speeds and one reverse. The electronic controlled transmission reads the load of the vehicle and rpm and adjust which drive gear is used via a computer. There are also different modes the transmission can be placed in based on the terrain and driving conditions.

  • Potable Water System
  • How many gallon water tank does the rig have?

    The potable water tank will hold 48 gallons total.

  • How do you fill the water tank with city water?

    The Tuscany has two different forms to fill the potable water tank. One is inside the water closet (see images exterior storage and equipment) there is an image of a valve called the 'quick-fill' valve, turn it to fill the tank to the desired amount. On the opposite side the coach has a manual hose fill cap.

  • Gray and Black Water System
  • How do you know how much sewage water is in the waste tank?

    The Tuscany provides a tank level indicator in the control panel above the passenger seat. The level indicators for the Gray Tank and Black Water Tank provide a color indicator for the levels of each tank.

  • How many gallons of sewage or waste water does the tank hold?

    The Tuscany has two different tanks. One 45 gallon tank for the gray water (bath and sink waste) and 45 gallon tank for the black water (toilet waste). The black water tank has a built in fresh water spray clean out system.

  • Upgrades to Coach
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    General Questions
  • How do you get the awning out?

    The Tuscany actually has two awnings one is for the entry door and has a manual crank and the other is electrically motor driven in and out. The main awning is equipped with the 'WeatherPro control system' and this prevents a sudden high wind from causing damage to the awning by automatically retracting the awning. The controller has different set points for the winds. There are two ways to control the in and out of the awning, one is a rocker switch inside the entry door next to the passenger seat and the second a remote FOB.

  • What size TV is in the living room?

    The Tuscany has a 42 inch Sony LCD Digital Color TV located in the living room.

  • Does the RV have a parked leveling system?

    The Tuscany is equipped with a Lippert Level Control System with four hydraulic leveling rams. The system provides both manual control and automatic leveling.

  • Does the RV come with fresh air vents when camping?

    The Tuscany is so equipped with fresh air vents. The bath room has an exhaust vent and the living room has a remote controlled Fan-Tastic Vent system with a rain and humidity sensor to close automatically.