Listing Price is $139,900 dollars and is currently located on Comanche Country Ranch & Event Venue South of Lockhart, Texas

Special Spring Time Price $114,995

Pricing and Finance of an RV can be Somewhat Tasking


I will suggest possible solutions that can be used hopefully to make the task easier and save money

1st suggestion - Go to your bank and talk with a loan manager and tell them what you are trying to accomplish.  Generally the loan manager can lead you through the appropriate steps to get you approved for the loan etc.  My position is to supply the loaning institute all the information of the existing loan and account to the property being purchased.

2nd suggestion - This solution can take a little longer but can save some cash in the long run.  I took out a loan for this vehicle specifically with an institution like Ally Bank that has a loan contract base called a "Transfer of Equity" where you can transfer the loan to an individual.  Of coarse subject to approval.  The loan is not an assumption loan because it forms a new contract between the buyer and banks and it is subject to a new interest rate.  The most important part of the loan can save money.  All other loan base processes will generally ask for a 5% up to 20% down payment and that mixed with the taxes, title and licenses can add up.  But, how does this type of loan contract save money - You have no or very little down payment directly out of your pocket.  RV's never go up in price, but if your purpose was to purchase an RV for long travel voyages then this type of loan contract could work for you.  If you are interested in this avenue please go to the contact page and send me a notification.  I can only allow one person to place an application for the loan at a time! Contact Page Click 'HERE'